• Thursday, 28 September 2017


    Once there  was a boy and girl fall in love after conversation with mobile. They are  not met each other. One day the girl asked the boy that she wants meet  her. The boy was so eager to meet her and he took auto from his office  and went to meet her.He bought dairy milk with him for her.Then the  girl asked him to come to near to her home. It was very difficult task  for the boy who was unknown in
    that town but the boy went without any  second thought meet his dear one. Then he reached his destination.He  asked his girl which place I should come. I am near to your home. The  girl just went top of her roof and asked the boy to come near that  street. The boy went and talking with her over phone.      Then the boy  asked her to come out near that street but the girl denied and said my  mother and aunt are in home they may catch me. Please I will meet you  some other day. Now you have to go. But the boy asked him willfully  please come across the street I want to see you. Then the girl came near  to him and the boy sees there. However he likes her so much and gives  her the chocolate. Then the girl just talking with him may be in walking  mode.     Then the  girl asked how are you and how did you came here? And after got the  feedback she went her home and while she going to her home said that I  love you so much. How cute you are. Why you love me I am not beautiful  and you look handsome and cute. The boy said I don't care how you look  what you were? I only love you and yours heart.  

    Moral: I  believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, how we look .... No matter what culture we're from.Continue Reading the Next Part

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