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     Children has always been held as source of boundness joy and happiness in virtually all communities Ancient and modern, while on the other side of the coin, Infertility which is defined as the inability to achieve a pregnancy after some years of living together is viewed as a curse particularly in developing communities were children are viewed as a source of security, the one to take care of them during old age.
     Generally, infertility is divided into two primary and secondary.
    PRIMARY INFERTILITY: Causes includes:
    ·          ENDOMETRIOSIS: That is, when the endometrium [the lining of the womb] grows on the outside edges of the tube, causing scarring.
    ·          DEFECTIVE OVUM: When the released ova failed to enter the fallopian tube during ovulation. Moreover, when the womb and fallopian tube develop abnormally, it cannot accommodate the growth of fetus.
    ·          Sometimes too, a woman may produce anti-bodies that fight against the husbands sperm.
    ·          Moreover, having sex when ovulation has not occurred or after ovulation has occurred and the eggs have died also contribute to primary infertility. This last problem occurs to couples who do not have sex regularly. To overcome it, the man must put a real effort to understands her wife's menstrual cycle. They should also endeavor to have sex regularly.
    ·          In men Testosterone deficiency also lead to infertility.

     Couples with this problem should never give up rather they should consult various fertility experts so as to keep a breast with current therapies that offers solution to some of the causes of primary infertility.
    Also known as acquired infertility because originally the victims possed the ability to procreate. According to a source [Business Hallmakk July 11, 2011] secondary infertility accounts for 65% of all infertile cases.
    ·          Women who marry late may not be able to get pregnant before they reach mono pause.
    ·         Subjecting the male reproductive system to intense heat such as when a man wears tight nylon pants regularly for a long time or sitting on a hot objects  contributes to infertility since heat denatures the sperm which is predominantly made or protein.
    ·        Abortion and Infection diseases are without doubt the greatest caused of infertility. In women this two agents cause the blockage of the fallopian tubes, and when this happens the sperm of the male will be unable to pass through, and therefore fertilization of the released eggs will be impossible.
              Abortion and infection Diseases can also cause the tube to either tear or rupture, and this can be dangerous as it leads to en-topic pregnancy [pregnancy outside the uterine cavity].
    ·        In men infection invades the urinary tract, enters the vas defer-ens where it destroyes vital sperm cells causing angiosperm [low sperm count] bligospermia and azospermia [absence of sperm cell]. Medical research indicate that for a pregnancy to occur a man must produce at least 25 million viable sperm cell per millimeter or ejaculation for baby girls, and a much higher percentage for boys.
    ·         Infectious diseases also enters the prostrate gland. Among the function of prostrate is the release of a flude during ejaculation. This flude then mix with the sperm thereby making it actively motile [able to swim].
     However, in a person with infection, the prostrate may be unable to release the fluid. Thus making the sperm non motile.
      It lies in the complete eradication of the infection. Consult a qualified medical professional.

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