• Tuesday, 19 September 2017


    There have been remarkable increase with the number of women being afflicted with cancer of the breast. It seems that age is not even a barrier now.
    What are the factors behind the upsurge? Although medical research has not fully established the reasons, factors like adopting a western lifestyle and diet which involves consuming a lot of denatured food, and certain hormones, are potential risk factors. Since every woman are vulnerable to breast cancer, and surviving it depends on early detection. Health workers are advocating that women especially within reproductive age do a self examination of the breast. One source revealed that through this method more than 85% of cancer cases were discovered.
    BREAST SELF-EXAMINATION [BSE]: If regularly performed by a woman will make her get familiar with the specific texture of her breast and know what is considered as normal for her. She will discover a lump including cancer at an earlier stage than the one who does not practice BSE or the one who practice it occasionally, cancer of the breast is the most common cancer for women.
    ·         Approximately 90% of breast lumps are discovered by women themselves.
    ·         Not all breast lumps are cancerous
    ·         Positive family history of breast cancer is recognized as a risk factor. WHEN and at WHAT stage do you perform BSE?
    ·         Life's of people who constantly practice BSE are not at risk as to the once that don't.
    Follow this steps for a successful BSE its easy and free.
    ·         Stand in front of a mirror.
    ·         Arms aside.
    ·         Hands up and both palms press together.
    ·         Hands on hips and press firmly.
    This will help you know the texture of your breast.