• Tuesday, 19 September 2017


    Masturbation :Masturbation is a process through which a man or woman tries to achieve erotic or sexual pleasure ["release" or reach organism] without the help of the opposite sex. As a habitual male masturbator strokes the penis organ, he exert undue pressure from on it, which contribute to weak erection. Again since he ejaculates earlier than in normal sexual act, he will do the same when performing normal sexual act, since the ejaculatory reflex has been accustomed to it. Thus he will fail to satisfy his partner.
    ·        Access to pornographic materials :If you have a stash and you are serious about quitting masturbation, you will have to get rid of all of it. Burn or shred paper, wipe your hard drive, and set up parental control on your internet browser that block explicit content.

    ·        Sex toys :if you own any objects that that exist for the sole purpose of masturbating, they will have to go, too. Throw them into the garbage can, you can find in your house, and add something on top that will make the item irretrievable.

    ·        Certain times of the day :If you have problem before going to bed or in the shower, isolate these times and find a way to make masturbation less appealing. For instance, if its a problem late at night, drop to the floor and do pushup until you are too exhausted to do anything but fall asleep. If you find shower times too tempting, start using cold water only-you wont want to be in there for long.

    ·        Remember you are humans :Humans makes mistakes, and they have sexual urges. neither of these things makes you an inherently bad person. Forgive yourself, and keep in mind that you are more than the sum of your slip-ups.

    ·        Resist the urge to sink into a pit of despair by remembering that time spent feeling sorry for yourself is time wasted, and minutes you could have put towards conquering your addiction.

    ·        Find another outlet for your time and energy :instead of staring at the wall, thinking about how you are not masturbating during the time you would otherwise spend indulging, fill your life with engaging new activities. The novelty and excitement of doing something different can help replace the euphoric rush of masturbation, and you will have to go-to distraction next time you are tempted.

    Remove anything that makes it easy for you to masturbate if its too easy for you to indulge, get rid of whatever is helping to make it possible.