• Tuesday, 19 September 2017



    1.   Glaucoma is an eye disease that can result to gradual loss of vision and blindness if not treated.
    2.   It occurs as a result of pressure in the eye that is too high for the nerve of the eye to work properly.
    3.   Any sight lost due to glaucoma cannot be restored with treatment.
    4.   Therefore, its best to know early and treat on time to prevent blindness.
    5.   As one eye is affected faster than the other, make a good habit to check eye sight by covering one eye with hand and look through the other eye to see if there is a difference in vision between the two eyes. See your doctor immediately if you notice a difference.
    6.   The chance of having glaucoma is high in people who have mother, father, brother, sister, and child with glaucoma.
    7.   When renewing driver’s license, have an eye test to check your eye sight and for glaucoma and other eye diseases.
    8.   I doctor thinks you have glaucoma, they will check your vision, eye pressure, field of vision and back of the eye to check the nerves of vision.
    9.   When checking for reading glasses, ask for a glaucoma test.
    10.It is more common with older people from 40 years and above.
    11.A regular eye examination from age 40 years [e.g. every 2 years] can help to detect glaucoma earlier in many people.
    12.There are three treatment options. You will decide your option after discussing with you doctor. The options include use of the eye drops, surgery or laser treatment.
    13. The AIM of treatment is to lower the pressure and preserve vision by preventing further loss of vision. This is because, glaucoma is the thief of the eye. Any vision lost can never be regained. A stitch in time saves nine. So Beware.