• Thursday, 14 September 2017


     Non of  us is satisfied with our appearance. Many says this "i don't like the way i look" unlike your friend who you admire his or her skin. Many fall into fall into depression seeing their reflection on the mirror.
    A teenagers/youths appearance can change so quick and rapidly, according to a psychologist, youths often feel like strangers in their own body.
    Many thus fret about their face, hair,
    figure, and physique.

    And how you look can indeed have a profound effect on how others   fell, look and treat you.
    However, when you become so self conscious that you withdraw from others or feel bad about yourself, then such concern is no longer healthy.
    Interesting, distress over personal appearance is not always due to real physical defects. Most people wish to be tall but most tall people are saying "i wish am short" the slender girl wish she is heavier, while the bosom girl complains.
    And when others get more attention than you or when you are chilled about your looks, you can easily begin to feel bad about yourself.
    Everyday we see attractive people starring at us through the television screen, magazine models we turn from page to page and we always wish to be like them.
    But who says tour are unattractive?
    Acne is a skin condition, common among young people that produce many pimples "implies OXFORD ADVANCED LEARNERS DICTIONARY" Acne is a disorder of the skin that causes it to be spotted even disfigured by black heads or red swellings.
    For youths is a serious problem rather than a problem that lasts for only a period of months. People of all ages can be afflicted with it but teenagers/youths suffers the most.
    WHY ME?
    This is the questions many teenagers/youths asks. Yes its you because acne appears during your teen/youthful age at the very time you want to put on your best look.
    So when you grow with the unset of puberty, skin glands increases their activity.
    The world Book Encyclopedia :- Explains in simple form each glands empties into a hair follicle.
    - That is, the little bag surrounding each hair. Normally the oil would drain out through a pour of thine skin, but some times a pore gets clogged and the oil cannot get out quickly enough. The clogged pore now form a blemish called a blackhead because the trapped oil oxidized, dries and turns black.
    ­- A pimple develops when pus forms. Cysts are formed when germs breed in the backed-up oil. It is the cysts that leave permanent scars, pimples do not scar unless they become infected which often happens as a result of squeezing or picking. So do not squeeze or pick.

    Sorry to say there no prescribed cure for acne but there are few medications and conditions of the body that can reduce them and improve your body condition.

    1.   Control of Tension and Emotional upsets :This can activate the skin glands. Some experiments the blossoming of a large pimple just before an important events and always during exams. So control of tension and emotional upsets is advisable.
    2.    Counter Medication :Sorry to say, no miracle cure exists. There are, however, over the counter medications available, such as Gels, Lotions, Creams, Soaps, and Washes that can help bring acne under control.
    3.   Cleansing the Skin :Many find out that cleansing their skin thoroughly with a soap or wash containing benzene peroxide is helpful. So then avoid oil based soaps or cosmetics.
    4.    Exercise :Getting plenty of exercise, being out in fresh air as much as possible and getting enough sleep can improve acne condition
    5.    Avoiding Junk Food :maintaining a fat free diet are debated by some, avoiding junk food, as well as eating a balance diet, is OK.
    6.    Patience :Problem built up over a period of time can not be cleared overnight so patience is advised. Stick to treatment over a period of time. Some relief nay be experienced.
    7.    Being Happy :Do not let a few blemish crush your self ex-teem or inhibits your talk with others always keep a positive, happy spirit.          
    Who is it that promotes the idea that you need a certain look if you are to be popular, successful or happy? Is it not manufactures and advertisers who stand to profit by your pursing fad diet or expensive beauty aids? Why let them mold your thinking? Remember magazine models have the service of a beauty-support team, you have Assets that far overweight any physical deficiencies.

    Stand to your feet and let the world know you are beautiful  the way you are and with this tips you can improve more on your looks.