• Thursday, 14 September 2017


    In today's world every body talks about love, love, love. Lets say its the talk of the town.
    People fall in and out of love the way they like, they don't think about the effects how it favors and UN-favor their life's. But today you will see what people have said about love its loss and gain and what i have seen and am saying about it [Love].
    Love have been define and seen in many ways and as it is seen in many ways it is also practice in many ways according to ones understanding.
    But am going to be talking about the love that exist between two lovers.
    According to Merriam Webster Dictionary.
    i.     Love is a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.
    ii.    An attraction based on sexual desire.
    iii.  An affection based on benevolence.
    iv.  A brotherly concern for one another.
    v.   An attraction and tenderness felt by lovers.
    So from all the definitions of love listed above i see it from another angel but relating to the last definition. Here is it.
    * Love is an affection or a feeling that can not and can never be explain or expressed in full.
    Based on the last definition i have given i will like prove myself. Mainly we don't have to love for something if you have ever said the three magical words to a person of the opposite sex before, she ask why you feel you love her. Now if why we love can be explained e.g your answer will be "i love because of your voice" so if the voice is gone the love is gone, or because of her hair, eyes, parents, family, character or background so if any of this is not there the love is gone as well. Never neglect the saying that the only constant thing in life is change. So anything that is maintained today may fade tomorrow.
    So love in anyway cant be explain you love for no reason never give a reason for your love.
    Already thinking why there is business in my write up. Is love a business? yes to how you see it, and its only in business we run loss and sometimes we gain check out today's world people suffer heart break as a result of love and in the other hands it favors other. The loss will tell youths necessary things one will lose when in love.
    There is only one thing i know one can stand to loss when in love, here in the business one lose "EVERYTHING". When in love we lose all that matters to us, we forget them and sacrifice all we have in the business just to fit in to the game.
    I talked about the loss in the business of love now its time i talk about the gains as i already said its in business we run loss and gain. Now the question should be "i loss everything what am i going to gain to amount all that i have lost?
    Now i tell you as you lose all or everything to love you as well gain everything "IF YOU HAVE REALLY FOUND LOVE" Because the love you sacrificed for will in turn walk for you and will in turn bring back your losses and turn them into gain. My realization about love.
    If you are in love to the extent you prefer to die to spear the one you love it will come back remember the law of motion."what goes up must surely come down".
    After everything now we know that love drives, before falling in lone know whom, how, and when to fall. Its necessary, work for love, give for love, build the real base of love catch your strength in love. Are you married or single feeling depressed rise up understand love and make it work for you.
    Why don't you try now knowing as much you need to know about love, i believe that nonworking relationship will start to work.