• Thursday, 14 September 2017


    Most people let you know how great and beautiful you are. But you have a problem a great one talking to people. Mistakenly you look them in the face your face turns red and you get choked up inside.   Several comment on how stuck up you are because you don't talk to anyone.........you are not stuck up you are just shy.

    Shyness is feeling unpleasant around peers, those in authority, persons of the opposite sex or even strangers. It is extreme self-consciousness that affects its victims in a variety of ways. Many gets downcast and tough heart pounding. They find themselves dumb and unable to speak. Other's lose their composure and begin to chatter continuously while others will rather choose to die in silence than speak out what is in their mind.
    Actually, though there are positive aspect to having a measure of shyness. It is akin to modesty and humility.
    A shy person is often valued as a good listener. But when shyness restricts and inhabits us from realizing our potential and destructively affects our relationship, work, and feelings, its time to do something wake up.
    A good start is to understand the problem because then alone you can seek for solutions.
    Shyness never describes what you are alone describes your behavior, your reaction and responds to situation, the pattern you have learn through experience with others. You think others are better than you, they can do it better than you, they are more normal than you, often times you expect things to turn out badly and they do. Yes because you are tensed up and act in harmony with your beliefs.

    Uncaring, withdrawing, not speaking up, always at fault out of quietness, being so self centered that you can not pay attention in calls, you leave yourself with the impression that you are stuck up, unfriendly. Remember it is always hard to concentrate on any discussion at hand. So you pay less information to the information you are receiving. Then your worst night mare happens.......... you appear foolish.
    In essence you have locked yourself

     behind the walls of the prison of shyness

     and  have thrown away the key.
    You let opportunities pass you by, you accept items or situations you really don't want all because you are afraid to speak up and express your opinion. You often lose out on joy of doing things that enhance your life but others lose out too.
    They never get to know

    the real you
    A good start is always understand the problem at hand. Stop thinking that people imagines or think little of you. People out there are too busy thinking of them self's what to do, and what to say.
    Real friends never judge by outward appearance but by the kind of person you bare.
    Here positive thinking comes to play it helps a lot know it every body views at things from different perspective, different likes and dislikes. A different opinion does not mean a rejection of you.

    1.   Understand the Problem :When once you understand the problem you will seek for possible solutions on how to overcome it.
    2.   Be Approachable :no body approaches a person with blur face or with head down. Always put up a smiling face and change your look.
    3.   Dress Fine :Tasteful dressing habits always attract people to you, try to smile at them, speak to them and act with confidence.
    4.   Proper Preparation :In most cases like making speeches, job interview and lots more get you self prepared to avoid embarrassment and also practice.
    5.   Change of Thoughts :Try to re-frame your thinking walls from negative to positive always act fast when you feel negative thoughts are coming towards your mind.
    6.   Think Big of Yourself :Always know and acknowledge that you are great and appreciate yourself always.
    7.   Choice of Friends :Shy people always choose friends whom they are more confident than No choose friends who are out spoken who always make things happen and give your time to them.
    8.   Set Your Goals :Aim high and try to get the best by setting meaningful and realistic goals for yourself and try to archive them.
    9.   Avoid Company of Bullies :Many out there still don't care about your feelings as a friend they can beat you up at any time out of anger avoid them discover your strength and never cross your boundary.
    10.Know how to relax and cope with anxiety.
    11.Accept Challenge :When you face challenges never run from them accept them and come out as a winner.
    12.Always learn how to show love.
    Dress comfortably, but make sure that your clothes are clean and pressed. The feeling that you are looking good will minimize the rate of apprehension and allow you concentrate on the conversation at hand.
    Learn to be sociable.........to say HELLO and start a conversation. Always throw your hand for shakes. If others laugh, learn to laugh with them. Look pleasant and smile, maintain friendly eye contact and node or verbally acknowledge what the other person says.
    Learn to come out prepared, practice because tough situations must come which you will face. Follow these steps as you see the positive result you will be further encouraged to succeed.                

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