• Thursday, 28 September 2017


    Once there was a girl that went to the store for her mom. When she got to the store she bought grapes,bread,onions,and ice cream. When she finished shopping she paid for the items and left. It was pretty dark outside so she was scared. By the time she got close to home she ran to her house.When she got to her house she went inside and put the bags away. The next day her mom sent her back to the store to get more things. When she left she grabbed the house key because her mom had a doctor's appointment. So she went to the store to get the things they needed she went back home.On her way back she noticed that there was a man following her so she started to speed up.She got close to home so she just ran...she tripped the man caught up... put a rag over her mouth and put her in his van. When she awoke up she was tied up to a doctor's bed in a basement, but her legs were freed.About ten minutes later she saw a man coming down the stairs. He came down with a knife in his hand.He waved it around her face and was about to stab her,but all of a sudden someone saved her by knocking on the door. The man answered the door. The girl heard the conversation and she heard him talking to women.The girl listened some more and then she realized that it was her mom. She didn't want to scream because she was scared the man was going to hurt her. Before she leaves the house she always puts a little pocket knife in her shoe, so she grabbed it out of her boot and freed herself.When she got out she quietly went-up stairs and hid until the man went to the basement. When he went downstairs she went outside-and ran away. Then she realized that her house was right across the street. So she ran over there really fast and banged on the door because the door was locked and she lost her key when she got kidnapped. After she banged on the door for a minute her mom answered the door and she ran inside and closed the door behind her called the cops.After the cops got there she told them what happened and they took him to jail for attempted of murder and was sentenced for fifty-five years in jail and the cops said that he would be around eighty years old when her gets out.When she told the cops what happened her mom was listening and started to cry cause she couldn't help her and shouldn't have went to the store for her instead. After fifty-five years passed he got out of jail and went
    home. The girl was only fifteen when that happened and now she is seventy years old. Her mom has already passed away and just a few days after the man got out of jail he passed away too. She then realized she was alone but she knows her mom will be with her no matter what. Love travels with you wherever you go as long as you believe that it is there.

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