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    "I CANT stand an unfair teacher" says young Vicky.
    No doubt you feel the same way. Youths are upsets when they get low grades for what they feel is high-grade work. They recent it when discipline seems excessive or uncalled for or seem motivated by racial bias. They are angry when special attention or prefrencial treatment is given to  the teachers pet.
    The attention given to teachers
    pet often stirs resentment.

    Granted, teachers are far from infallible. They have their fair share of quirks, problems, and, yes, prejudice.
    A youth named Freddy noticed that his teacher "was snapping at everyone." Freddy tactfully approached the teacher and found the cause of this surly behavior. "Its just that i had a problem with my car this morning," the teacher explained. "It overheated on the way to school and i got to work late."
    Teacher and Their Pets.
    What about the special favors accorded to teachers pets? Bear in mind that a teacher faces unique demands and pressures. The book Being Adolescent describes teachers as facing a "serious predicament" in which they must try to hold the attention of the group of youths "whose minds are usually elsewhere...They have before them a group of highly moody, destructible teenagers, generally unaccustomed to concentrating on anything for more than 15 minutes"
    Is it any wonder, then, that a teacher may lavish attention on the students who studies hard, pay attention, or treat him or her with respect? True, it may gall you when seeing 'apple-polishers' get more attention than you do. But why be upset or jealous if some diligent student is a teachers pet as long as your educational needs are not ignored? Besides, it may be a good idea to be a bit more diligent yourself.
    War in the Classroom.
    Said one student of his teacher: "He kept thinking that we had all declared war on him and decide to get us first. He was one paranoid person. "However, many teachers feel they have the right to be a bit "paranoid." U.S.News & World Report thus said: "Teachers in many urban school district live with fear of violence.

    The rising tide of violence has made
    the teachers job a difficult one.

    Former teacher Roland Betts says concerning teachers: "Children see it as their inherent responsibility to...[figuratively] push them and poke them and see just how far they will bend or stretch before they will finally snap...When children sense that they have pushed a teacher to within a hairs breadth of his breaking point, they push some more."  Have you or your classmate been party to teachers harassment? Then don't be surprise at your teachers reaction.
    In the atmosphere of fear and disrespect that pervades certain schools, some teachers understandably overreact and become harsh disciplinarians. Observes The Family Handbook of Adolescence: "Students who...seem by their behavior to belittle teachers' beliefs are usually belittles in return." Yes the hostile teacher is often modeled by his students.
    Also, consider the effect of curel classroom pranks.
    Young Valerie exaggerates little when she speaks of "the torture, the torment," youngsters put substitutes are hounded unmercifully by their classes, often pushed to the point of cracking and breaking." Certain that they can get away with it, students delights in having sudden attacks of clumsiness-dropping their books or pencils on the floor in unison. Or they may try to frustrate their teacher by 'playing dumb' and acting as if they can not understand a word he or she says. "we sabotage for fun," explains young Bobby.
    'My Teacher Doesn't Like Me'
      At times a clash of personalities or some sort of misunderstanding sets your teacher against you; inquisitiveness is confused with rebellion or a touch of whimsy with foolishness. And if a teacher dislikes you, he may be inclined to embarrass or humiliate you. Mutual animosity may flourish.
     Give your teachers no legitimate cause for complaint. Try not to antagonize your teachers. In-fact try to be friendly. 'Friendly? To him?' you ask. Yes, show manners by respectfully greeting your teachers when you come to class. Your persistent politeness-even a smile from time to time-just might change his or her opinion of you.
    If you feel some injustice has occur,
    respectfully approach your teacher.
    'I Deserve a Better Grade'
      This is a common complaint. Try talking out the problem with your teacher. You might likewise humbly, and calmly, approach your teacher.
      Admittedly, not all tangled affairs have neat endings, and at times you just have to endure. But if you can coexist peaceably with your teacher this term, there is always next year, when you will have a fresh start, perhaps different classmates-and perhaps even a new teacher to learn to get along with.

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